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Shipping & Returns

During our business hours on weekdays, we send item out either on the same day or the following day. All orders are delivered within 1-3 working days after they are despatched via courier. You will receive tracking information through email  once the order has left the factory so you can follow the progress of your item! Please send an email to to contact our support staff with any questions about your order.

All of the products you purchase from Yagishi comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Within 30 days of your purchase, please contact our customer service team at We would be pleased to help you with the return and refund procedures.

Unfortunately, we do not have any samples for you to test. However, if you are hoping to test our products we do have our lotion in smaller volume.


Our products feature fresh goat milk as its main ingredient! In fact, farm-fresh, raw goat’s milk makes up more than 19% of each goat milk body care products.

Despite the fact that this is one of the most frequently asked concerns, we want to start off by clarifying that we do not — and are unable to — make any medical claims, provide medical advice, or imply that our products will “cure” or “heal” eczema. Since eczema is a complex skin condition with numerous potential causes, switching to all-natural products won’t always be effective. However, many of our clients have discovered that our natural skincare products are more calming than competing brands.

We have heard from many of our customers who have a variety of skin conditions that they have experienced results from using our products, even though we do not and cannot make any medical claims, offer medical advice, or indicate that our products may treat skin conditions. Since every condition is different and there are numerous potential causes of skin irritation, we acknowledge that not everyone will benefit from our recommendations. However, many users of our products have experienced alleviation from illnesses like psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, rosacea, and others.
Since every person’s skin is unique, we cannot guarantee that our products can eliminate acne or treat other skin sensitivities. Having said that, you can absolutely use our goat milk body wash and body lotion as an all-natural alternative to your regular face wash!
Yes, our goat milk products are safe, nutritious to the skin, toxic-free, and very mild, making them perfect for use on kids.
It typically lasts 12 to 24 months before we consider our All-Natural Goat Milk Lotion to be expired. Worry not as, It will be shipped to you sealed.
Yes we do! You may check out Yagishi Pure Goat Milk Body Wash if you are interested in body wash products.
Yes, all of our products are completely natural, ethically sourced, and free of animal testing. We use goats that are reared on our farm and produce fresh milk. They receive a natural upbringing and are treated as members of our family. We adore them and firmly believe that goats who are content make a tonne of fantastic milk. Although pregnant goats are not required to produce milk, we ensure that they are not milked in the months preceding their due dates so that they can rest and produce a sufficient amount of milk for their young. Our goats are treated like members of the family, and happy goats give excellent milk. The fact that other individuals care as much about their well-being as we do makes us joyful.
Yes, all of our products are completely gluten free. We do list ALL our ingredients on each individual product to give the customers the freedom to view the ingredients first before using them on their own body.

We are currently still in the midst of developing and testing a liquid goat milk shampoo and conditioner. We can’t wait to show you guys and launch it.

However, since we will only sell the cleanest, highest-quality body products, it can take some time until it’s offered for sale on our website.


Our products currently are sold online via this website, Shopee, Hairdepot offline stores. Visit the Products page to find the one you may be interested in.

Yes! We are happy to share that we are keen to offering wholesale opportunities to businesses and individuals who wish to spread our values and mission.

Do drop a message to to further discuss this opportunity.